Our history

ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES was created in 1951 by Mr. John P. Robertson who was at that time the Chairman & President of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce.


The mission of ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES, at that time, was to help US firms looking to set up operations in Europe using the Marshall Plan. ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES undertook M&A advisory missions, plant location search, partner search as well as middle to high level management recruitment. At that time, this was a totally untapped territory.

The company was the pioneer in recruitment activities in Switzerland and most likely in Europe as well. Mr. John Robertson has published several reference books : The Transformation of the work perimeters” - 1980 ; “The Role of Human Resources in Swiss Companies”-1981 ; “You and your next job”-1981.

The company added transatlantic technology transfer services in the 70’s when Mr. Jaromir Haiker acquired the shares from Mr. John Robertson who went on to define and execute outplacement mandates. He continued to be considered as the “leader” of Swiss outplacement. ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES used prominent board members as a key leverage for growth.

Mr. Gert Staengel took over the company in 1989 as President. He continues to focus on the core services of ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES, actively developing its international network of proprietary offices, partners and client base.

Since then, several strategic fields were added to ROBERTSON ASSOCIATES’ offering, making the firm a full fledge HR service boutique.